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Resource Library

Is an encyclopedia of supports in collaboration with an international network of experts in different fields.

The scope of the library is to collect and disseminate potential effective strategies to support typical human functioning with the aim to improve personal Quality of Life.

The strategies are directed to support at different stages (children, youngsters, adults, elderly) life of persons living in a socially vulnerable situation such as Persons with ID/DD, mental health, chemical dependency and elderly.

Users of the library are users, organizations, professionals, academics looking for effective supports.

The library serves as platform for productive encounters and interactive systems frameworks allowing collaboration and increasing dissemination between researchers and knowledge users.

Supports are listed in the library on the base of effectiveness level given by international standards for evidence (EBLIP Critical appraisal checklist) and rated on the base of their effectiveness. Supports are categorized in Quality of Life domains and Support Strategies to align towards personal outcomes.

The library will serve the scope to provide and disseminate effective intervention for students, professionals and organizations working in partnership with HOGENT to make research accessible to increase QOL of our community.

Resource Library is een onderzoeksproject van EQUALITY ResearchCollective.

Projectcoördinator HOGENT

Claudio Claes


Jos Van Loon

Projectcoördinator (extern)

Robert L. Schalok


Marco Lombardi, Remco Mostert, Nando Nijssen, Kees Swart


1/9/2020 - 25/9/2022