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POS Handbook

The POS Handbook provides a tool for students, professionals and researchers regarding the possible applications of the Personal Outcomes Scale, an instrument meant to measure Quality of Life outcomes for persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

The book development is meant to inform through best practices, practice based and evidence based literature possible applications of the instrument at Micro, Meso and Macro Level. The project aims to collect available published data regarding the use of the instrument internationally to inform academics and provide examples regarding the validation process in new populations and cultures. It focuses as well on professionals and students needs through a collection of case studies. The process aims to promote best practices regarding administrations process for the self-determination and empowerment of the clients in the process of person centered planning. The project collects practices from organizations regarding the use of quantitative and qualitative Quality of Life data for quality of service improvement.

POS Handbook is een onderzoeksproject van EQUALITY ResearchCollective.

Projectcoördinator HOGENT

Remco Mostert en Marco Lombardi


Claudia Claes, Ilse Goethals

Projectcoördinator extern

Jos Van Loon


Marco Lombardi


25/9/2023 - 22/9/2024


HOGENT - interne middelen onderzoekscentrum

Externe organisaties

 University College Dublin, Ireland
 Universidade Lusiada de Lisboa, Portugal
 Universitat de Barcelona, Spain
 Università cattolica del sacro Cuore, Milano, Italy
 ANFFAS, Rome, Italy
 Sint gregor, Dusseldorf, Germany
 Kare, Ireland
 Seerenloo, Nederland