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About us.

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to HOGENT! As a foreign student you bring with you your cultural traditions, perspectives and contacts. We are sure that your contributions will enrich our learning environment. We are situated in Flanders’ most popular student city Ghent, also known as Europe’s best kept secret and the most authentic historic city in the world. Every year, Ghent attracts 70,000 students for higher education studies, which effectively makes it the higher education capital of Flanders. Welcome to what we trust will be an exciting time at our institution!

Best regards

Koen Goethals
Rector University College Ghent

University College Ghent strives to excel in education, research, service provision and practice of the arts. Through the expertise of its staff and graduates and the valorisation of its research, University College Ghent is making a valuable contribution to a critical, creative and open society.

The mission of HOGENT is reflected in its student mobility, its guaranteed transparent use of ECTS, the stimulation of active staff mobility, the support of international educational projects and international institutional cooperation through internationalisation of curricula and internationalisation at home.

Our international office is a central unit which stimulates, informs, counsels and supports University College Ghent in its endeavours to shape this objective. This international orientation is highlighted even more by our participation in Ghent University Association, which aims at an international profile. This partnership enables us to reshape our European and international policy by taking into account the priorities set by the European Community.

University College Ghent wishes

  • to broaden and intensify its collaboration with Ghent University with a view to integration
  • to strengthen the interaction between its professional and academic courses
  • to be a decisive democratic organisation
  • to limit or simplify formal rules
  • to enhance its self-regulating ability
  • to act as a learning organisation with an international identity
  • to strengthen its position as a regional and international partner
  • to perpetuate the practically-oriented nature of its courses
  • to further increase the quantity and quality of its research
  • to facilitate the transfer of students and the intake of new students
  • to pursue an active human resources policy
  • to maintain relations with alumni and former members of staff
  • to cooperate structurally with the relevant social, economic and cultural parties
  • to achieve active pluralism on an ethical and social level


    HOGENT consists of three faculties and one School of Arts.

    • Education, Health and Social Work
    • Science and Technology
    • Business and Information Management
    • School of Arts

    Have any questions?
    Feel free to contact us.

    Registered Office

    Geraard de Duivelstraat 5
    9000 Gent
    +32 9 243 33 33

    • President:
      Koen Goethals
    • Education Director:
      Dennis Cluydts
    • Erasmus code:
      B Gent 25
    • ECHE number:

    Finances, grants, etc.
    (no exchange grants)

    Overwale 42
    9000 Gent
    +32 9 243 37 38

    Student Council

    Valentin Vaerwyckweg 1
    9000 Gent
    D building, office 0.07


    Overwale 42
    9000 Gent
    +32 9 243 37 38


    Overwale 42
    9000 Gent


    Sint-Denijslaan 251
    9000 Gent

    International Office

    Campus Schoonmeersen
    International Office
    Overwale 42
    9000 Gent