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HGSR: HOGENT Great Student Representatives.

It could be the English interpretation of the abbreviation HGSR, though in reality in stands for “Hogeschool Gent Studentenraad”. It is the official student council of HOGENT.

HGSR: HOGENT Great Student Representatives.

Our University of Applied Sciences and Arts has a long tradition of involving students and the HGSR is one major example of it. Every committee has a delegate of the council, which makes the HGSR one of the most powerful tools to sustain democracy and to let the voice of the student be heard.

As a student representatives you basically have one objective: make student life at HOGENT better. A brief sketch of some of your activities:

  • Representing your fellow students through elections.
  • Be the buoy for your fellow students with ideas, concerns, suggestions,…
  • Meet and negotiate with the decision makers of HOGENT, the Ghent University Association and the city of Ghent and even the Flemish Government.
  • Lobby your way through agreements, decisions,…
  • Cooperate with a bunch of likeminded youngsters who want to change the world.

Don’t forget: you get a special statute as representative and can be deliberated from restrictions laid out in the Examination and Education Code. But that’s not the main reason why you should do it, of course!


Feeling the need to represent your fellow students? Willing to experience a different side of your University of Applied Sciences and Arts? We need you! We have a wide range of vacant mandates.

Contact us by sending a mail to studentenraad@hogent.be.