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Meet Revolte: the HOGENT student council.

Meet Revolte: the HOGENT student council.

Revolte stands for student participation at HOGENT. We represent the voice of all HOGENT students. And this voice does not only resound within the study programme. It also reaches far beyond …

Now, what exactly does Revolte do? Of course, we represent the students. But it is a lot more than that: 

  • We give advice to HOGENT management and network a lot. 
  • We engage in dialogue with students and HOGENT staff and try to improve student life on campus. 
  • Student representatives constantly work on self-development. 
  • We help build a beautiful HOGENT future and community and often organize big events. 
  • We carry the voice of our students outside the walls of HOGENT.


Would you like to experience a different side of HOGENT? Interested in our student council? Want to know everything about the Revolte team?

You can find us on Instagram, Facebook or on revolte.gent.


Please contact us by sending an email to