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Ghent offers various possibilities to travel in and outside the city. If you live close to the campuses, it’s advisable to go to the campuses on foot or by bike.

The city of Ghent has a bike-friendly policy, which means bike lanes and bike racks are omnipresent. Public transportation is also an option, as there are three main tram lines and various bus lines passing near the campuses. Various bus and tram lines connect the city centre with the two train stations of Ghent (Gent-Sint-Pieters and Gent-Dampoort).


We strongly discourage students to commute to the campuses by car, as parking spaces are very limited and mainly reserved for our staff.


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Pedestrian-friendly, a remarkable characteristic of the city of Ghent. The historical centre of the city has limited access for motorised traffic, which makes it the largest pedestrian-only zone in the country.

Discovering the city on foot maximises your experience and even makes you discover those small cosy places you never thought you would. As everything is pretty close, going about in the city by foot is the most efficient way. Oh and don’t forget that 10,000 steps a day is the way to a healthy life!

by bike

Together with its partners, HOGENT set up a project in order to offer every student in Ghent the opportunity to rent a bike at the organisation Fietsambassade. You can rent a bike or have it repaired in one of the bike repair shops in Ghent.

more information on renting a bike

bus & tram

A bit too far off? Or just feeling like a pause from the walking and biking? Being a student at HOGENT has a lot of advantages, including a reduced rate to ride the bus or tram. You can find all the current rates on the De Lijn website

But the real deal here is that these tickets give you unlimited access to the public transportation in Flanders (and parts of Brussels). All of it. As soon as you are registered as a student here, you will get access to the discount forms.

Want to know what line to take to get to your destination? Click here to plan your route with the De Lijn route planner.


If you reside outside the city of Ghent, but close to a train station with a connection to Ghent, you can opt for a train subscription. Belgian Rail offers a student subscription for either one month, three months or one year at a discount rate. Be aware that this only counts for a fixed route. If you only come and go once a week, a campus card might be a better choice.

If you are between 18 and 25, you can buy a Go Pass which allows you to travel anywhere in Belgium at a fixed (cheap!) rate per journey. This might be useful if you consider extending your horizons to other cities in Flanders.