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Quality of Life.


Quality of Life.

A central starting point of social professional practices is the optimisation of the quality of life of people in socially vulnerable living situations. In recent years, the concept has gained popularity as a positive and holistic reference frame in the support of people with intellectual disabilities, addiction-related issues, physical illnesses or disorders, people in disadvantaged situations and children and adolescents, among others. However, translating ‘quality of life’ as a theoretical concept into a day-to-day social professional practice remains a challenge.

Through a number of practice-based research projects and valorisation processes, EQUALITY has developed in-depth expertise related to the implementation of quality of life.

EQUALITY offers customised training courses for aid and support providers, ranging from lectures and workshops to intensive process supervision. The focus lies on theoretical deepening and the use of measuring instruments and/or the insight into implementation processes.

For more information, please, contact Chris Swerts.

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