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Human rights.


Human rights.

Human rights are an essential compass for social professionals. As an action framework, human rights guide the implementation of human dignity in the social domain. Still, human rights often remain very vague general principles and, to social professionals, the translation of this framework of human rights into their own practices proves to be a real challenge. How can a human rights-oriented practice be shaped?

Customised training

Based on practice-oriented research and years of accumulated expertise on the meaning of human rights in the social domain, we developed a training in which human rights are translated into 5 building blocks. Together, these 5 building blocks form an action framework for human rights. By using these 5 building blocks, human rights can be embedded in one's own practice.

This training is offered on a customised basis. It may include:

  • a lecture
  • an interactive workshop
  • multi-day process management

For more information, please, contact Didier Reynaert.