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Practice-oriented knowledge and co-creation


Practice-oriented knowledge and co-creation

More and more, experience-based knowledge gets recognised as a third source of knowledge, alongside scientific and professional knowledge. However, The embedding of experience-based knowledge in the social domain requires insight into the question of how these different types of knowledge relate to each other and how we can start from a shared responsibility between field experts and professionals to guarantee high quality aid and services for people in vulnerable living situations.

Customised training

Based on a practice-based research on embedding experience-based knowledge through the deployment of field experts in mental health care, addiction care and social services, we developed a training offer to embed experience-based knowledge in a co-creative way within your organisation.

The training is offered on a customised basis and could range from:

  • a lecture
  • an interactive workshop
  • multi-day process management

For more information, please, contact Jessica De Maeyer.