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Children's rights.


Children's rights.

In recent decades, the Convention on the Rights of the Child has become the compass in our interaction with children, whether it be legally, ethically or pedagogically. Children's rights have had a significant impact on policy domains and practices that focus on children and adolescents. Numerous reforms in education, social services, health care, family policy, etc. have helped reinforce the importance of children and adolescents in our society.

Customised training

In this training (offer) on children's rights, we address this reference framework of children's rights and deepen the main principles and characteristics of this framework. Specifically, we look at how these children's rights are translated into practice and policy.

Themes covered include:

  • the participation of children and adolescents
  • child poverty
  • child-friendly local policy
  • corrective slap (on the wrist/hand/bottom)

With this training we aim to explore the possibilities that children's rights offer (with you), but we also go into the pitfalls, such as legalisation, the tension between the interests of children and parents, the overemphasis on the autonomy of children …

Training is offered on a customised basis and can be offered in the following ways:

  • a lecture
  • an interactive workshop
  • multi-day process management

For more information, please contact Didier Reynaert.