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How do people live (together) in a sustainable and liveable way in an urbanising environment? And how can this be supported, together with citizens, professionals, policy makers, teachers and students?

eCO-CITY aims to uncover how people live (together) in a sustainable and liveable way in an urbanising context and how this can be supported. Thereby, eCO-CITY intends to contribute to more sustainable and equitable urbanisation.

eCO-CITY wants to create a platform on urbanisation and sets up research around four societal challenges through co-creative and participatory projects:

  • Living together in diversity
  • Democratic urbanisation
  • Socio-spatial quality of urban environments
  • Local coalition and governance



If you have any questions or you would like to cooperate, please contact ecocity@hogent.be.

The research team harbours a broad range of expertise from different domains such as the arts, urban planning, humanities and social sciences. As a co-laboratory on urbanisation issues, eCO-CITY aspires to bring together social, cultural and spatial insights.

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Our networks.

The researchers of eCO-CITY are pioneers in various international networks, including the U!REKA (urban research and knowledge association) partnership between several European universities of applied sciences, the Child in the City foundation, and the European SIMM platform (social impact of music making).