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The best two years of my life ...

Hello, I am Melanie Allard and I did two Erasmus exchanges at HOGENT in 2015-2016 and 2016-2017, the best two years of my life.  First of all, you'll find amazing people that will become close friends or maybe find love (I met my boyfriend there :)). Then, you'll find a city with all its culture and beauty. 

HOGENT also gave me the strength I needed to go abroad, learn new and useful things. The staff of HOGENT will help you immediately in case of problem or distress. Another great thing is the education level at HOGENT which will make you progress in no time.

It is thanks to these Erasmus stays that I am now travelling further in my studies as in my life. I am now pursuing a double master program in Germany.

So, if you doubt going to Ghent, don't doubt anymore. Once Erasmus, forever Erasmus. 

A once-in-a-lifetime journey.

Hi, I’m Guillaume Delavelle from France.

My Erasmus stay at HOGENT in 2015-2016 has been a huge part of my life, every day I think about the souvenirs we created all together in this great institution. Erasmus can be resumed as a once-in-a-lifetime journey. You'll learn, discover about others cultures, new people and also a lot about yourself.  The HOGENT international team is great, they'll help you in your administrative issues, and will always try to make things go smoothly.

Professionally speaking, after my Erasmus, I decided to continue my studies in a master of science in purchasing/ supply chain at Grenoble Ecole de Management in France. I currently work as a junior buyer for a French firm named Legrand. Personally, Erasmus increased the confidence I have in the future of the EU, I can say I became more European than ever before. 

If you want to go on Erasmus, do not wait and just do it. You'll never regret it. Enjoy your journey at HOGENT because time goes fast but memories and souvenirs of this period will always be there.


I am so grateful.

Hi, I'm Milan Kairies, from Hannover in Germany. I did my Erasmus exchange at HOGENT in 2018-2019. I actually chose Ghent because my home university would not let me go to Ireland. But I am so grateful.

With some problems in the beginning (mostly me, not wanting to be there, having ‘better stuff’ on my mind) I started into a great experience. And after a short warm-up phase it was a very happy time. We (the Erasmus-people) easily became friends and had loads of fun. Ghent is beautiful and HOGENT is a good place to study.

So, having said Gent is beautiful there is only one last thing (and this coming from a German beer drinker): you have to go and visit the bars, pubs, monasteries where they serve the Belgium beers. It is awesome!

Thank you HOGENT. I love you!

Hello, I am Ruby Ly, I come from Vietnam. I study abroad in Arnhem Business School, the Netherlands, and I follow Business Communication. In 2018-2019, I did my exchange at HOGENT and that was an amazing experience for me. 

You are probably wondering why I decided to spend five months in Ghent? The answer is simple because HOGENT is one of the top Universities of Applied Sciences and Arts in Belgium and Ghent is absolutely a city with its own culture, architecture and unique values that you should visit at least once in your life. Moreover, I really liked the courses that I enrolled in HOGENT and I was impressed during the semester. 

Although I only studied one semester in Ghent, it was a wonderful and peaceful time in my life. There were unforgettable memories and faces that I will never ever forget: my friends, my teachers, the first moments until the last moments. 

And last but not least, I would say that I made a wise choice for doing exchange at HOGENT. Thank you HOGENT. I love you!